IAP VII: Greater Mesopotamia

Reconstruction of its Environment and History




Upcoming Events & Activities



Postponed: Paris (France), "3e Journée Ougarit", Organised by the Ras Shamra Mission (Valérie Matoïan et Michel al-Maqdissi) and l'Université de Paris Sorbonne (Jean-Yves Monchambert et Anne-Sophie Dalix) – 02.12.2015 - Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art: with a lecture of J. Bretschneider on the excavation of Pyla-Kokkinokremos.

Past Events & Activities


15-17/12/2016: Ghent University, First APPWC-Amphorae in the Poenician-Punic World Congress.


16-19/11/2016: San Antonio (Texas, USA): Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research, with lectures by GMREH researchers.


30/05/2016: KU Leuven: 4th Neo-Babylonian Network (NBN) Conference organised by the KU Leuven team in the framework of WP 5 of this IAP, info.


3/06/2016: Louvain-la-Neuve, UCL: Colloquium 'Les cultes solaires et astraux', Salle du Conseil de la Faculté de Philosophie, Arts et Lettres. The full programm here.


17/05/2016: Tehran - Digitisation of Cuneiform tablets: an international workshop (a collaboration between the IAP partners CDLI (Oxford), KU Leuven and RMAH with a lecture by Elynn Gorris & Hendrik Hameeuw: The many Reflections of an Artefact.


23/05/2016: Leuven: GMREH network annual meeting IV @ KU Leuven.


25-29/04/2016: Vienna (Austria): 10th ICAANE with lecture by GMREH researcher A. Devillers, 'Images of domestication: context and interpretation' and poster presentation on the GMREH project by the RMAH team.


15-16/03/2016: RBINS Brussels: multidisciplinary symposium on "Non-destructive and destructive methods to identify archaeological finds and their host deposits", organised by the RBINS and the RMAH teams in the framework of WP's 2 and 4, including lectures and poster presentations by several GMREH researchers.


15/03/2016: RBINS, Brussels: Annual Meeting WP's 1, 2 and 4.


08-09/02/2016: KU Leuven: First International BANANA Conference: „Babylonian Name and Name-Giving: What names tell us about social realities“ organised by the KU Leuven team in the framework of WP 5 of this IAP. (for the program, see attachment)


8/02/2016: KU Leuven: Annual Meeting WP's 3, 5 and 6.


20/01/2016: RMAH Brussels: Study day "Wat met het erfgoed in Syrië en Irak?" organized by Amarant , with lecture by H. Hameeuw on the future of endagered heritage in the Middle East: 'Gaat het erfgoed in het Nabije Oosten voorgoed verloren?'


13/01/2016: Jerusalem (Israel), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Dept. of Archaeology and Ancient Near East): guest lecture and demonstration of the Portable Light Dome system by Hendrik Hameeuw, 'Light on artefacts: What the Portable Light Dome system can do for ancient Near Eastern Archaeology'.


06/01-09/01/2016: San Francisco (USA), "AIA Annual Meeting": Lecture by S. Jusseret, University of Texas at Austin, J. Bretschneider, Ghent & Leuven University, J. Driessen, Université catholique de Louvain, and A. Kanta, Mediterranean Archaeological Society, C-PEPL: 'Renewed Excavations at Pyla-Kokkinokremos (Cyprus). Preliminary Results of the 2014–2015 Campaigns'.


27/11/2015: Morlanwelz, Musée royal de Mariemont: E. Gorris and J. Tavernier present their reflections 'Le patrimoine culturel dans les zones de guerre dans l'antiquité et maintenant', during the "Journée d'études Patrimoines en danger" (programme).


11-14/11/2015: Prague (Czech Republic): Lecture by J. Tavernier on 'Lycian Erimnnuha' at the conference "Hrozny and Hittite: The First Hundred Years". (programme)


15/10/2015: Beirut (Lebanon), American University of Beirut: lecture by E. Gubel on "Phoenician Sanctuaries and Deities. From theTemple of Jerusalem to Black Magic in the Hippodrome of Tyre".


3-4/10/2015: RMAH Brussels: Lecture by H. Hameeuw at the International Conference "Archeometallurgy" (ULB/CReA-Patromoine - FNRS - RMAH) on Registration and Safeguarding Data in the Field and in the Museum, Some Strategies.


20-22/07/2015: Porto (Portugal): International Congress "Lights On… Cultural Heritage and Museums!", with a lecture and full-day workshop presented by several GMREH researchers.


6-9/07/2015: UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve: Susa and Elam II conference: "History, Language, Religion and Culture", poster - programme.


22-26/06/2015: Bern-Geneva (Switzerland): 61st RAI - Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale; lectures by Anne Goddeeris and Hendrik Hameeuw.


20/05/2015: RBINS, Brussels: GMREH network annual meeting III.


01/04/2015: Aberystwyth (Wales, UK): conference on "New Methods for Manuscript Imaging and Analysis" with lecture by H. Hameeuw: 'When the details matter: acquiring, storing and safeguarding large interactive 2D and 3D data sets, from Mesopotamian cuneiform document to medieval manuscripts'.


26-28/03/2015: Tunis (Tunisia): Meeting of national committees of the Corpus of Phoenician and Punic Antiquities (E. Gubel, V. Boschloos).


12-13/03/2015: RMAH Brussels: Colloquium and workshop "Beyond 3D Digitisation: Applications of 3D Technology in Cultural Heritage", with presentation by H. Hameeuw on 'When the Details Matter: Multi-light, Photometric Stereo and 3D', in the framework of WP VI.


2-3/02/2015: Jerusalem (Israel), Bible Lands Museum: Conference "Jerusalem in Babylonia" with a lecture by K. Abraham (see more).


25/02/2015: Brussel, RMAH: Annual meeting WP 1, 2, 4 and 6.


26/01/2015: Berlin, Kunstgewerbemuseum (Germany): V. Boschloos and H. Hameeuw gave a demonstration of the Portable Light Dome system and a lecture entitled '3D via the multilight Photometric Stereo approach: the Portable Light Dome solution' at the international symposium "3D ins Museum? Methoden und Verfahren, Chancen und Herausforderungen der 3D-Digitalisierung für das Kulturerbe".


29/01/2015: Brussels, RBINS: IAP research activities were presented at a Seminar-at-lunch-time meeting by A. Devillers and V. Boschloos.

16/12/2014: Louvain-la-Neuve, UCL: In the framework of the research project "A World in Crisis? Archaeological and Epigraphical Perspectives on the Late Bronze Age (13th c. B.C.) Mediterranean Systems' Collapse. A case Study Approach", a workshop on crisis in Ancient Near Eastern Texts was organized by J. Garny, C. Obsomer & J. Tavernier, including a lecture by A. Goddeeris 'Econoshock 1736 BC. Archival evidence for the economic crisis during the reign of Samsuiluna of Babylon'.


16/12/2014: Brussels, Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences: "Seminar Young Researchers Overseas" with poster presentation by V. Boschloos on the RMAH's participation in the excavations at Tyre (WP 2): 'Belgian Archaeologists in Tyre (Lebanon). UNESCO Heritage, Phoenician Seals and Ancient Curses'.


2/12/2014: Bochum, Ruhr universität (Germany): Lecture by V. Boschloos on 'Archaising tendencies in Phoenician glyptic' on invitation by Bärbel Morstads of the archaeological institute.


25/11/2014: Brussels, RMAH: International symposium "TechItaly2014: The Future of Cultural Heritage in Smart Cities", with a lecture at the Round Table by V. Boschloos and H. Hameeuw, 'The Portable Light Dome'.


23/11/2014: Brussels, RMAH: Dag van de Wetenschap/ Journée des Sciences with demonstration of the PLD dome (WP VI).


6/11/2014: New York (USA): Lecture at the international symposium "Assyria to Iberia at the Dawn of the Classical Age" by E. Gubel, 'Phoencian Art and How to Read It'.


8/11/2014: Paris: "Journée d'études à la mémoire de Pierre Bordreuil", with lecture by E. Gubel, 'Bon œuf – Bon poussin ? Une enquête de Pierre menée à bien'.


24-25/10/2014: Louvain-La-Neuve: lectures by several GMREH researchers at the Colloque "Etat de la recherche sur l’Anatolie antique", namely J. De Vos:

'Les relations égypto-hittites : quelques nouvelles perspectives'; Etienne Van Quickelberghe: 'Assyrie dans les sources hittites'; R. Lebrun: 'Recherches concernant le royaume de Tarḫuntassa'; J. Tavernier: 'A propos de quelques noms lyciens'; A. Degrève: 'A propos de la laine dans les rituels hittites'.


15-17/09/2014: Prague, Charles University (Czech Republic): International congress "The Crossroads II, or There and Back Again", with a lecture by V. Boschloos, 'From Egypt to Byblos… and Back Again: The Production and Distribution of Green Jasper Seals in the Early 2nd Millennium'.


22/09/2014: Oxford University (UK): WP VI annual meeting.


22/09/2014: Oxford University (UK): Workshop "Digitizing in the Round" with lectures by B. Overlaet: 'GlypCol, cataloguing and digital preserving of the seal and sealing collections of the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels' and H. Hameeuw: 'Interactive imaging, the choices made with the Portable Light Dome'.


17/09/2014: Louvain-la-Neuve, UCL: PhD defence by E. Gorris (UCL), entitled: 'Power and Politics in the Neo-Elamite Kingdom'.

8/09/2014: KU Leuven: Summer School on DigitalHumanities@arts.kuleuven (see programme), with lecture by GMREH researcher H. Hameeuw: 'Multi-light recording, interactive HD imaging executable by any researcher' and poster presentation 'Imaging Greater Mesopotamia’s Heritage: New techniques, New opportunities' by H.Hameeuw, V. Boschloos, S. Van Overmeire, V. Van der Stede and A. Devillers.


21-25/07/2014: Warsaw (Poland): 60th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale entitled "Fortune and Misfortune", with lectures by E. Gorris & J. Tavernier, 'The Fortunate Atta-hamiti-Inshushinak'.


2/07/2014: Brussels, Vrije Universiteit Brussel: PhD defence by GMREH researcher I. Swinnen (RMAH), entitled: 'The Early Bronze (c. 3200-2200 B.C.E.) ceramic material from al-Lahun in Central Jordan (Moab). An archaeological, typological and technological study, compared with assemblages from contemporaneous sites in the Southern Levant'.


12-13/06/2014: Louvain-la-Neuve, UCL: international conference on "Cults in Crisis, Crisis Cults. Perspectives on Ancient Religion, Philosophy and Representations", inlcuding lectures by GMREH researchers R. Lebrun, J. De Vos and J. Garny.


9-13/06/2014: Basel (Switzerland): 9th ICAANE with lectures by GMREH researchers A. Devillers and J. Bretschneider.


5-6/06/2014: Ghent University: International conference on "Ancient Near Eastern Seals as Markers of Identity", including lectures by GMREH researchers E. Gubel, J. Bretschneider, V. Boschloos, Z. Niederreiter and A. Goddeeris.


24-25/05/2014: Dublin (Ireland): Conference on "Money and Cult, The Role of the Temple in the Ancient Economy", with a lecture by GMREH researcher A. Goddeeris: 'It comes with the job. The duties and benefits attached to temple during the old Babylonian period (1900 – 1600 BCE)' + participation in the round table discussions, see blog.


13/05/2014: Louvain-la-Neuve, UCL: GMREH network annual Meeting II.


9/05/2014: Louvain-la-Neuve, UCL: 2e Journée des Études orientales néo-louvanistes, "Aux sources épigraphiques" with lecture by GMREH researcher J. Tavernier: 'L'inscription trilingue (perse, parthe, grecque) des Res Gestae Divi Saporis and L'inscription akkadienne de l'obélisque de Manishtushu'.


27/03/2014: KU Leuven: Annual Meeting WP 5.


25/03/2014: Brussels, Institut des Hautes Etudes de Belgique: Lecture by E. Gubel on 'L’art égyptien extra-muros : la troisième période intermédiaire et le Levant'.


17-18/03/2014: KU Leuven: Workshop on the set-up of the Neo-Babylonian Cuneiform Corpus (=NaBuCCo), see blog


15/03/2014: Riyadh (Saudi-Arabia), National Museum: Belgian Royal visit at Exhibition organized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities and the joint Saudi-Belgium project in the Al-Ghat region, see blog.


12.03.2014: KU Leuven: Doctoral School Arts & Humanities, with poster presentation by GMREH researcher Dra. A.-S. Van Vyve (Promoter J. Bretschneider): 'Dark Ages in a New Light. The Urbanisation of Tell Tweini, Syria From the Bronze Age to the Iron Age'.


27-28/02/2014: Louvain-la-Neuve, UCL: Conference on "Topography and Toponymy in the Ancient Near East: Perspectives and Prospects", with lectures by GMREH researchers (programme), see blog

27/02/2014: Louvain-la-Neuve, UCL: Annual Meeting WP 3.


29/01/2014: RBINS Brussels: Annual Meeting WP 1, 2 and 4.


21/11/2013: RMAH Brussels: Lectures on glyptic from Lebanon:J.-P. Thalmann (Paris) 'Les céramiques à empreintes de sceaux-cylindres sur la côte levantine et en Syrie au III° millénaire: nouvelles interprétations' (Assyriological Center Georges Dossin). Preceded by a lecture by GMREH researcher V. Boschloos 'Seal Workshops in South-Lebanon: Scarabs from Tyre'.


6/11/2013: Leuven: Lecture by GMREH researcher N. Nys 'De vele gedaantes van de sfinx' (Ex Oriente Lux).


31/10/2013: RMAH Brussels: Seminar "Current Research on Glyptic from Greater Mesopotamia" (WP V) with lectures by several GMREH members, followed by a key-note lecture by D. Collon (London) (see gallery and book of abstracts), see blog


17 & 29/10/2013: Ghent and Leuven: Lectures by GMREH researcher V. Boschloos 'Khepereru, van Egypte naar de noordelijke Levant' (Egyptologica Vlaanderen).


17-18/10/2013: Würzburg (Germany): International congress "At the wedge’s edge: Handschriftenanalyse von Keilschrifttexten zwischen Informatik und Philologie”, with lecture by GMREH researcher H. Hameeuw: 'Perspectives on the digital registration, research and publication of cuneiform texts: the Leuven Portable Light Dome approach'.


21-26/10/2013: Carbonia-Sant'Antioco (Sardinia): 8th International Congress of Phoenician and Punic Studies. With lectures by GMREH researchers: E. Gubel 'De l'Est à L'Ouest: Le périple d'un dieu ichtyomorphe phénicien' and V. Boschloos 'An Iron Age Scarab Workshop in the Kingdom of Tyre: reflections on distribution, typology and iconography'.


10-11/10/2013: Paris: 'Colloque Henri Seyrig', with a lecture by E. Gubel 'Henri Arnold Seyrig : une passion pour la glyptique'.


9/10/2013: Brussels, Institut des Hautes Etudes de Belgique: Lecture by GMREH researcher A. Devillers 'La glyptique mésopotamienne: Evolution d’un art miniature'.


15-19/07/2013: Ghent University: 59th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale "Law and (Dis)Order in the Ancient Near East". With lectures and posters by GMREH researchers J. Tavernier, A. Goddeeris and H. Hameeuw, see blog


27/06/2013: RMAH Brussels: Workshop RTI imaging (WP VI) by GMREH researcher H. Hameeuw.


7-8/06/2013: Louvain-la-Neuve, UCL: Colloqium "Aux origines du monothéisme et du sceptisme religieux" with lectures by GMREH researchers R. Lebrun, A. Tourovets, J. Tavernier and J. De Vos.


29/05/2013: RMAH Brussels, GMREH network annual meeting I, see blog


15/05-17/05/2013: Lecce, International Conference on Tell Tuqan Excavations and Regional Perspectives: Cultural Developments in Inner Syria from the Early Bronze Age to the Persian/Hellenistic Period: Rebirth from the Ashes: Tell Tweini and the Northern Levant in the Early Iron Age, by Joachim Bretschneider.


07/05/2013: KU Leuven: PhD defence of GMREH researcher S. Rich 'Ship Timber as Symbol? Dendro-provenancing & Contextualizing Ancient Cedar Ship Remains in the Eastern Mediterranean'.

26/04/2013: Antwerp: FRAUG-meeting, with lecture by GMREH researcher H. Hameeuw 'The Leuven Portable Light Dome system and other RTI applications: registration, research and dissemination'.


23/04/2013: Louvain-La-Neuve (Collège Erasme): "Journée des Études orientales néo-louvanistes", lectures by GMREH researchers E. Van Quickelberghe, 'Les contacts assyro-hittites aux 14e et 13e siècles avant J.-C.' and by J. Tavernier and E. Gorris, 'Campagnes épigraphiques à Behistun (Iran) et al-Ghat (Arabie)'.


13/02-15/02/2013: Münster, International Conference on Ugarit und Kanaan. Kulturelle, sprachliche und wirtschafliche Beziehungen zwischen der nördlichen Levante und Phönizien-Palästina: Die Kulturen der frühen Eisenzeit (1150-950 v. Chr.) in der nördlichen Levante, by Joachim Bretschneider.


10/02/2013: RMAH Brussels: Lecture by GMREH researcher V. Boschloos 'Egyptische scarabeezegels in Syrië en Libanon' (Association Egyptologique Reine Elisabeth).


06/11/2012: RMAH Brussels: General kick-off meeting GMREH.

The main purpose was to get to know each other, particularly the new partners and team members, and to get an overview of the state of research and projects that are in the pipeline. The promoters and (young) researchers presented their projects in the different Work Packages, i.e. in the fields of geology (WP I and IV), archaeology (WP II), philology (WP III and V) and Imaging (WP VI) and each WP was assigned a manager.


13-14/09/2012: KU Leuven and RMAH Brussels: Seminar "New Visualization Systems within Cuneiform Studies. Opportunities and Hazards" (see also: webpage, blog)

During this two-day seminar specialists in the utilization and implementation of new systems and approaches to visualize, and as such study, cuneiform tablets gathered at the KU Leuven and at the RMAH in Brussels. Presentations, demo’s and workshops were held for an international public of students and academics. This event was initiated by the goals set in WP VI: Imaging and Technology.


13/09/2012: KU Leuven, Kick-off meeting for WP VI Imaging and Technology with RMAH, KU Leuven, UCL and CDLI.


07/06/2012: RMAH Brussels, Preliminary meeting Belspo - FWI/ISF



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