IAP VII: Greater Mesopotamia

Reconstruction of its Environment and History

- Em. Prof. Dr. Denyse Homès-Fredericq, promotor of the RMAH team in a previous phase of this IAP network and former head of the RMAH Antiquity Department, was celebrated on 4 December 2014 with a Festshrift entitled "From Gilead to Edom". Studies in the Archaeology and History of Jordan (Akkadica Supplementum XII), edited by her former students Dr. Ingrid Swinnen and Prof. Dr. Eric Gubel.

The book was handed over to her by His Excellency Chevalier Marc de Schoutheete de Tervarent, former Belgian ambassador to Jordan.

Awards & Distinctions




- The IAP Greater Mesopotamia congratulates dra. Elynn Gorris of the UCLouvain, one of our youngest IAP members, as she received a Vocatio Award 2013-2014 (10.000 €). See blog and http://www.vocatio.be/nl/laureat_vocation/elynn-gorris/#.U6Kniy9YTUR

- On the 12th of July 2012 Em. Prof. Dr. Karel Van Lerberghe of the KU Leuven, since many phases promotor of the IAP team at Leuven, received a Festschrift in celebration of his emeritus status. His festschrift 'The Ancient Near East, A Life!’ was published in the Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta (220) series (editors: T. Boiy, J. Bretschneider, A. Goddeeris, H. Hameeuw, G. Jans, J. Tavernier).

- Our esteemed colleague and friend Em. Prof. Dr. Michel Tanret of Ghent University retired shortly before the present phase of the IAP projects, of which he assured the coordination for many years. The members of the new team wish him all the best with the continuation of his research on ancient Mesopotamia. It is thanks to Michel's leadership skills and enduring commitment that the future of this Greater Mesopotamia project he directed throughout the past decades is assured for the next five years.


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